Friday, May 07, 2010


August 7th during Sidewalk Days Sale.
10am – 5pm

It is time to sign up and get your number. Give us a call and we will assign you a number to add to your price tag. You collect your new or gently used scrapbooking items that you would like to sell and price and number them. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PRICED AND NUMBERED - if not, they can not be sold. You set the price and we sell it for you. You receive a dollar for dollar gift card for the store. You will need to drop off your items by August 5 at 6:00pm so we can set up the Crop Room as a store for you to shop on Saturday, August 7th. Please note - Numbers are assigned as people sign up so your previous number may not be available - sorry for any inconvenience but we had some number confusion for our last sale and we have decided to start fresh.

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