Friday, June 07, 2013


Do you like Doughnuts??? I do.
Do you like Coffee??? I do, I do.
Do you like crafting??? I do, I do, I do.
Drop in at ALL ABOUT SCRAPBOOKS all day long
to create a great gift card holder and enjoy a Hot Coffee and Doughnut
for a Small $2.00 Donation and a couple of Non-Perishable food items for
The Salvation Army Food Bank.
Help us help those in our community.
This gift card holder makes a great teacher, couch, volunteer or Father's Day gift.
All the coffee and doughnuts have been graciously donated by
the TIM HORTONS on Hwy 59 & 401.
Let's bring this fun national US holiday to Canada
and craft with a conscience.
Psssssst.... buy a doughnut and coffee on Camp day and send a child to camp  :)

Now for a little history...
The first National Donut Day was celebrated by The Salvation Army in Chicago in 1938 to help raise needed funds during the Great Depression and commemorate the work of the "donut lassies" who helped make the donut what it is today by feeding the tasty confection to soldiers during World War I. The donuts became synonymous with The Salvation Army, as well as the soldiers who were returning home with the nickname, "doughboys."
This significant occasion established the donut as a long-standing symbol of the services The Salvation Army continues to provide. "Every year on National Donut Day, The Salvation Army asks the public to remember those less fortunate who struggle to make ends meet. So, for everyone who enjoys a tasty donut today, please take a minute to consider ways to give back in your community."

National Donut Day Fun Facts:
The Salvation Army:
  • The Salvation Army started National Donut Day during the Great Depression as a way to raise funds and bring awareness to The Salvation Army's social service programs.
  • National Donut Day commemorates the "donut lassies," female Salvation Army volunteers who provided writing supplies, stamps, clothes-mending and home-cooked meals, and of course, donuts, for soldiers on the front lines.
  • Approximately 250 Salvation Army volunteers provided assistance to soldiers in France starting in 1917 during WWI.
  • With limited resources, these treats were fried, only seven at a time. The Salvation Army's Ensign Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance cleverly thought of frying donuts in soldiers' helmets. The first day, they could only serve 150 donuts, by the peak of the operation they could turn out about 2500 a day. Some huts even managed to do close to 9,000 donuts!
  • The first donuts didn't have holes. After soldiers requested that they have holes as the middle of the cakes were not cooked completely, the Lassies found ways to punch holes into the dough! They created the first doughnut cutter by fastening the top of a condensed milk can and camphor-ice tube to a wooden block. Later they used old bullet casings.

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