Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10th Anniversary Contest Winners

Our 10th Anniversary has come and gone. Thank you for all your support over the past 10 years and we look forward to many more. During our celebrations we ran a variety of Contests. And it is time to reveal our winners.

#1 Who has the OLDEST Scrapbook tool? PRIZE - iMAGIC Ribbon cutting tool.
Winner - Barb Zehr - Ancient Bone Folder
Other entries:
#2 Put the All About Scrapbook Girls in order of Ownership and Employment.
PRIZE - 6x6 Mini Paper Pad - NO WINNER :(
Charlene Van Gurp (O)  Krista Duivenvoorde  Kimberly Colliss  Rachel Duivenvoorde  Sarah Hodgkinson, Dana Szpniewski (O) Sarah Phelps Stephanie Thorogood   Kimberly Colliss (O) Shelley Brenneman

#3 Put on a brave face and share your very first layout. PRIZE - a 12x12 Album
Winner - Ginny Johnson
Other entries:
#4 Now Trending - PROJECT LIFE - show us your best Project life Layout. PRIZE - A Project Life Mini Kit. NO WINNER :(
#5  Styles Have Changed - Show us how your personal crafting style has changed from when your first began scrapbooking to now. PRIZE - ECHO PARK FALL REFLECTIONS KIT - WINNER is Julianne Carter
Other Entries:
Card Makers Contest - Winner is in Bold
#1 - WINTER - Sarah Phelps
#2 - VALENTINES - Ava Gavloski
 #3 - No entries :(
 #4 - EASTER - Ava Gavloski
#5 - FEMININE - Ava Gavloski, Ginny Johnson
#6 - MASCULINE - Samantha Slaughter, Ava Gavloski, & Sarah Phelps
#7 - WEDDING - Samantha Slaughter, Ava Gavloski 
#8 - BIRTHDAY - Ava Gavloski, Ginny Johnson
#9 - THANKSGIVING  - Ginny Johnson, Ava Gavloski
#10 - HALLOWEEN - Samantha Slaughter,  Ginny Johnson, Ava Gavloski
#11 - SYMPATHY - Ava Gavloski
#12 - CHRISTMAS - Ava Gavloski, Ginny Johnson, Samantha Slaughter

Thank you all for you participation. Please pick up your projects and prizes between October 23 - October 31.


  1. Kimberley, thanks for hosting a fun event to celebrate your 10th anniversary. I love barb's ancient bone folder, truly love that!!!! brings a smile to my face.

  2. great collection of anniversary projects, hope to see you on thursday 24th.