Thursday, January 02, 2014


Are you ready to jump into 2014 by recording your daily life with Project Life?
Is it something that you have thought about but are still not sure on? Or are you already into Project life and are set to go but are SWAMPED with so many cards that are the same, you don't know what to do with them all and you would like a little more variety???

on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1ST beginning at 10:00AM.

This is not the kind of card swap where you make 10 identical cards and receive 10 different ones in return.
There will be Card Packs to both swap and purchase.

For those who would like to be "PL SWAPPERS" here is what you need to do.

  1. Call or email the store for a SWAP #.  Don't lose or forget your number - you will need it.
  2. Get yourself some clear bags (zip top or self sealing are good), labels, a marker & your Project Life Cards or Studio Calico Cards. (Other Brands are fine too, providing they fit within the requirements. We are asking that no hand made or home printed cards be included. Also all cards must be precut from manufacturer not hand cut at home such as SIMPLE STORIES, as nice as they are.) 
  3. Sort your cards into coordinating piles of 20 cards each - 4 ~ 4x6 cards (2 title or quote cards, 2 journaling cards), 16 ~ 3x4 cards (both journaling and patterned). This will be enough to create 2 ~ "A' DESIGN or 'D' Design pages or a combination of both. Not sure what 'A' and 'D' look like?See the images below. EACH CARD PILE OF 20 MUST BE FROM THE SAME COLLECTION AND COMPANY ie: PROJECT LIFE "HONEY" OR WE R MEMORY KEEPERS "WEBSTER" BUT NOT A COMBINATION. You are welcome to use any collections you have not just Honey or Webster, they are just as an example.
  4. Place your set of 20 cards in your clear bag and label with your SWAP #, Collection Name ie: "HONEY" and company (PL ~ Project Life, WR ~ We R Memory Keepers or Albums Made Easy, SC ~ Studio Calico or MMBI ~ Me & My Big Ideas). Make sure all this information is visible and the cards are neatly in the bag before you seal them.
  5. Bring your bagged sets into the Store by MONDAY, JANUARY 27TH and return for the SWAP on SATURDAY, FEBURARY 1st at 10am. You will receive a card with how many sets you brought in and how many you can choose on SWAP NIGHT. For Example... If you bring in 5 sets of 20, you can choose 5 sets of 20 from the other swappers. This does not include the card sets for purchase - they are separate.
  6. Go home with different cards to add to your collection and make your albums more interesting.
We will be providing a how too sheet on Project Life and Daily Documenting that evening as well.
Here are the most common Photo Sleeve styles that we are filling.
Design 'A'
Design 'D'

*Only those who have entered into the swap will receive "FREE" product in the manner of swapped sets for equal value. There will be Card Sets to purchase as well.

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