Sunday, August 30, 2015

Store Announcement

Dear Friends,
I am writing you with heavy heart and much sadness.
After much prayer and talking with family, as of October 3rd, All About Scrapbooks will be permanently closing its doors.
I would like to thank you for your love and support during the past eighteen difficult months without Edward by my side. The next few months will also prove to be challenging as I search for a new career path. 
It has been an absolute honour carrying on what Charlene created on October 3, 2003,
and continued with Dana. All About Scrapbooks has provided all of us with a place to create "A Work of Heart." 
During the next few weeks I will be sending out additional emails and posting information on our Facebook page and blog about "Store Closing Clearance Sales." And if you have items on order please contact the store. Also please use any current gift cards that you might have. Gift cards before October 2012 are not included in this.
I hope you will consider dropping in for a visit sometime on or before October 3rd. 

There will also be emails sent out to all "Page of the Month" members with information regarding their kits.

If you have any layouts or projects on display in the store, please drop in to pick them up.
Again, thank you for your continued Prayers, love and support. 
Kimberly Colliss

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